Hello world!

Welcome to my new Dota 2 blog. I’m very much a new player – about 150 games so far – and this is my first ever MOBA.

The idea behind the blog is to create a place where I can write about Dota, and in which I can analyse my games, vent about Things That Annoy Me, and generally muse about heroes, builds and strategies.

Some background about me? I’m 36, so pretty old for a gamer, and grew up with my trusty Spectrum 48k. I played mainly console games until after university (I was amazing at Goldeneye. True fact.) My PC gaming career included six years in thrall to World of Warcraft, which included raiding in vanilla, plus the first three expansions. I ran quite a large guild for about a year, and led hardmode raiding teams in Icecrown Citadel. I then spent a year playing mainly StarCraft 2 (platinum ranked mech terran, from which you can infer that I play the way I like, even if that’s not optimal!), and recently I’ve been playing a lot of Blood Bowl.

If you are particularly interested my old Warcraft blog can be found here.

The reason for the name of the blog is that I almost always play a pure support role – my most played heroes at present are Crystal Maiden, Jakiro and Silencer, and I’ve been expanding recently into Lich. Lots of what I’ll have to say therefore is focussed on the support side of the game.

You can find my match record here. Current solo MMR is about 1750. Group MMR is 2050.


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