The jungle is massive

I dislike jungling (both the action of jungling and the players who do it) intensely.


A couple of weeks ago I linked a post called “The Road to 5k”, in which a fellow blogger listed some of the key mistakes that people make when trying to improve their play. One such mistake is:

“Picking a greedy jungler last when you’re about to start losing All Pick gold because you didn’t get a core sooner. I see this problem ALL the time; someone didn’t get a main laner and doesn’t want to be a second support, so they bust out the obligatory Furion or Doom so they can get core levels of farm. But they don’t play the hero well, and this puts incredible pressure on one support to do all of the warding/dewarding, still TP around to fights, and provide utility. This usually just snowballs into further resentment or that support’s back being broken, leading to a free loss.”

This. A thousand times this.

I know I have said this before, but the laning phase is the most important part of the game. When you run a jungler then you leave one person on their own in the offlane. To run a solo offlane you need to have an appropriate hero and someone who knows how to play the role, but in low MMR pubs there just isn’t that level of co-ordination or expertise. You likely end up with someone playing a completely unsuitable hero and a lost lane, with the opposing carry getting free farm.

I played three games last night with junglers as follows.

Game 1 – My Jakiro, together with Juggernaught are laning against a solo huskar. We absolutely murder him in lane, getting three kills and an early tower. Sadly however Zeus wrecks face against Mirana in the mid lane, starts ganking the side lanes, and basically dominates the early game (most of his deaths were late on), allowing their PA and afk jungling Furion to get hugely fat.

Game 2 – My Windranger, together with Spirit Breaker, are in the hard lane against a solo Axe (!). We dominate him, killing him twice and send him back to the fountain regularly. We then go roaming around the jungle, catching their afk jungling Legion Commander twice and killing her. We also start ganking the midlane sniper, getting him about three or four times. Two lanes (and the jungle) won and an utterly one-sided game.

Game 3 – Patch has landed and we have a Chen who is desperate to get his Sceptre for the new ability to tame ancients. At least he tells us in advance though, and I pick Bristleback for the solo hard lane. This actually has nothing to do with jungling as I absolutely storm the hard lane against Juggernaught and Meepo, regularly taking them on 2v1 and getting kills. I just wanted to mention the game because it was awesome. Yes we lost, but that was nothing to do with my lane so I guess the only tenuous connection with jungling is that if you tell your team in advance they can pick a sensible solo laner.


Other news

Solo MMR up to 1980 or so. Group MMR up to 2200.

An increase of about 200 in both since I started blogging. My winrate is starting to get closer to 50% though.

The patch

It’s here and it’s big. First impressions are generally positive – I like the map changes and love the new item.

The feeling over LiquidDota is that the biggest change is the reworking of gold bounties when one team is behind. it makes midgame and lategame comebacks much more valid since you can get thousands of gold for a single teamfight win. You apparently need to be much more careful now when going for high ground with a midgame lead, and it takes you back to the maxim that the most important thing in Dota is to stay alive.

I wonder if this will signal the end of the midgame snowball semi carry heroes such as Viper and Razor which have dominated the pro scene recently. I’d really like to see more of heroes like Medusa and Gyrocopter in high level play.

I’ll post again about the patch when I have more experience with it.


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