Jiiiiim Productions

My “Steam friend”, Jiiiim, makes MSPaint Youtube videos about Dota. They feature him singing. I know.

You can find his videos here.

He asked me for some help coming up with a concept for his new video, and I have come up with some lyrics and challenged him to come up with the video. The lyrics I have transcribed are the first two verses of Rapper’s Delight, from the point of view of a support. (“Support’s Delight?”)

I said buy dust, smoke
Wards and sentries
Roamin’ the jungle and please don’t gank me
At the rune spot ‘cos I’m just level six
And I still ain’t got boots yet.
Now, while you’re chilling in the lane and failing to last hit
Your friendly neighbourhood support is making the team tick.
See, I am position five and I’d like to say hello,
To the 1v5-ing carry, to the jungling Enigma
To the Tide whose blink is slow. But first I gotta
Creep stack, wardin’ the river
TP to mid to save the tower then back to the jungle
To block, you don’t stop
Block the camp to piss their jungler off.
Well so far you’ve heard my voice but I brought a friend along,
And up next then is my man Sven,
C’mon Sven, sing that song
Check it out, I’m the C to the A to the R-R-Y
And if you want to ask me why
You see I’m cleaving creeps with sky high deeps
And my gold piles up so high.
You see I’ve got my armlet set and sent the courier to get
My brand new BKB
And I’ll turn that sucker on, and blink and stun
When I see the enemy.
Everybody go
Dust, smoke, ward, stack, that’s what I’m gonna do today. (Say what?)
‘Cos I’m a ward bitch
My carry’s got the itch to buy a Battlefury.
Everybody go
Dust, smoke, ward, stack, gank mid lane.
But if your carry can’t farm for shit you’ll still lose in the end.

I was inspired by this video…


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